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10. 11. 2015
The debate on the role that businesses play in today’s society has been increasingly present in the media and political sphere, especially following on from the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change. At the same time, major corporate scandals have also come to light, representing the other side of the same coin: the benefits and consequences of a responsible (or irresponsible) corporate governance framework.

The Purpose of the Corporation project has published several articles with the intention of stimulating the discussion on responsible and sustainable corporate management. Furthermore, we also comment on relevant policy developments and important events. 

List of published articles:

- Contexte: “European lawmakers vote to increase shareholder rights” 

- Politico: “Lux leaks scandal shows why tax avoidance is a bad idea” 

- Responsible Investor: Non-Financial Reporting: How to Comply? What does it mean for the climate?

- E!Sharp: 

"Improving EU corporate governance"

"New EU legislation to tackle short-termism in companies"

- NewCo Shift: "Multinational B Corporations: Big Business as a Force for Social Good"

- Triple Pundit:

"5 Steps for Stronger Companies" 

“Defining Corporate Purpose is the only Way Forward”

“Launch of UK B Corp Movement Prompts Debate About Future of Corporations”

"What Trump's Presidency Could Mean For Business" 


- L4BB (Lawyers for Better Business) blog: “Europe: trend towards increased corporate responsibility” 

- IIRC (The International Integrated Reporting Council): “Six ideas for improving reporting – and by extension, corporate governance” 

- Board Agenda: "Davos: Debunking the myth of shareholder primacy"

The project has also been cited by several experts and journalists in their articles, blog posts and research studies, which can be found in the list below.

- Elena K. Johansson in Responsible Investor:

Conference report: ‘Creating Sustainable Companies’ summit: shareholder primacy needs overhauling”  

- Simon Caulkin, writer, editor and award-winning business journalist in Financial Times:

“Business is tackling the difficult questions politics has dodged”

“Transcend ‘shareholder value’ for all our sakes"

- Stefan Stern, director of High Pay Centre and columnist for Financial Times

"We need to talk about compliance"

"Transcend 'shareholder value' for all our sakes"

"Too many see becoming the boss as ‘a prize, not a responsibility"

- Susanna Rust in IPE"EU negotiators reach agreement on revised Shareholder Rights Directive" 

- Rick Wartzman, executive director of the Drucker Institute in Time Business. "The Long View: Why Maximizing Shareholder Value Is On Its Way Out”

- Katrin Muff, Dean of BSL (Business School Lausanne) in her blog: “Imagine Corporate Governance for a Sustainable World”

- Peter Crow, non-executive director and board advisor in his blog: “The emerging role of the board in business performance”

- Dina Medland, Forbes and Financial Times journalist, in her blog: “A First In EU Law: Shareholders Don't Own Companies” 

- Olivier Petitjean, Observatoire des multinationales (published by french non-profit organisation Alter-médias): "Au-delà de la régulation : peut-on transformer les entreprises à la racine ?"

ActionAid, “A new approach to corporate governance: Does this mean ending capitalism?" 

- Jeroen Veldman, Senior Research Fellow at Cass Business School in the Oxford Business Law Blog: "The Modern Corporation Statement on Company Law" 

Andrew Johnston and Tiina Ruohonen in the University of Oslo website “Reporting Back: A Need for Collective Endeavour”

- Peter Tunjic, Founder of DLMA LABS in Governance "Back to the Future: Newton and the Next Economy" 

- Uwe Gneiting, Research Advisor for the Private Sector Department at Oxfam America, in OpenDemocracy. "Inequality, business and human rights: the new frontier?" 

- Filip Gregor, Head of Responsible Companies in Shift project website: "Paradigm Shift: It's Time to Speak about the Purpose of the Corporation"

Cited in the following reports:

- Friends of the Earth research “Focusing businesses on doing good” p.16. 

-  Ernst & Young Cleantech and Sustainability Services on behalf of the European Commission: "Resource Efficiency and Fiduciary Duties of Investors" 

- Submission to the UK BEIS Committee inquiry on corporate governance: Written evidence from Oxfam and B Lab UK. 

- Oxfam Briefing Paper "An Economy for the 99%"

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