Frank Bold’s Filip Gregor appointed member of the European Corporate Reporting Lab Steering Group

16. 11. 2018
Established following the publication of the European Commission Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth, the European Lab intends to encourage the development and propagation of innovative new ideas in the field of corporate reporting. Filip Gregor, Head of Responsible Companies at Frank Bold will be part of the Steering Group in charge of setting the agenda and monitoring the projects and activities of the recently created European Lab.

The European Lab will be chaired by Jean-Paul Gauzès, EFRAG Board President, and have Alain Deckers, Head of Accounting and Financial Reporting at the European Commission, as Vice-Chairman. The Steering Group is comprised of 15 members from a wide variety of industries, backgrounds and nationalities, allowing the group to make the most of the many novel ideas which currently exist in this field. They will be in charge of setting the agenda of the European Lab, appointing the members of project task forces, monitoring project implementation and mobilising networks. The initial focus of the European Lab is on non-financial reporting, in particular climate-related disclosures and environmental accounting.

Three of the newly-elected members come from partner organisations in the Alliance for Corporate Transparency, a three-year research project coordinated by Frank Bold that will provide critical analysis and extensive data on the quality of corporate sustainability reporting by the largest companies operating in the EU (following the new disclosure requirements introduce by the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive).

Jean-Paul Gauzès welcomed the new appointments, expecting that “they will fulfil a pivotal role in ensuring the European Lab delivers on its mission of sharing good practices and stimulating innovation in the field of corporate reporting in Europe.”

To mark the launch of the European Lab at EFRAG there will be a networking reception on 27 November from 17:30 in the EFRAG building in Brussels with welcome addresses by Elina Melngaile, member of cabinet of European Commission Vice-President Dombrovskis, and Jean-Paul Gauzès (more details at

About Filip Gregor:

Filip is Head of the Responsible Companies Section at Frank Bold and member of the Steering Group of the European Coalition for Corporate Justice, which works to develop European framework for business and human rights rights. He also co-founded and helps to run the Purpose of the Corporation Project, a strategic open-source platform promoting a debate on the role of the corporation in society and the future of corporate governance.

He participated in the European Commission's Expert Group on non-financial reporting and in the Eminent Persons Group overseeing the Human Rights Reporting and Assurance Frameworks Initiative organised by Shift and Mazars. He is based in the Czech Republic where he is a member of the Czech OECD National Contact Point.


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