"Future of the Company" event

12. 5. 2015
Frank Bold and Future Agenda held an expert workshop on 5 May at the Royal Society of Arts in London.

This event was one of five ‘future of the company’ events taking place in locations around the globe. It is also part of the wider Future Agenda open foresight programme, which brings together multiple experts around the world to share and discuss different perspectives on the world in 2025. 

Future Agenda 2.0 provides a forum to discuss how to address the challenges we face and gives you the opportunity to share ideas, visions and solutions and ultimately seed change.

Paige Morrow, Head of Brussels Operations at Frank Bold published a background paper on the topic of the future of the company: http://2015.futureagenda.org/assets/Future-of-the-Company-Initial-Perspective.pdf


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