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10. 4. 2016
Spring 2016 newsletter. What if we were to revision the corporation from the inside out by reconceiving their purpose as being to contribute to long-term prosperity and sustainability?

The first step is to debunk the myth of a company duty to maximise profits above all else. If you want to know the full story, see the whole infographic here.

In this spring edition, we also bring you the latest developments of the global roundtable series on corporate governance with the summaries of the Swiss and Dutch events. 

Furthermore, if you are interested in responsible investing and reporting, check out the overview of our event "Driving European Sustainability in Europe" and the latest paper on fiduciary duties written by Andrew Johnston (University of Sheffield) and Paige Morrow (Frank Bold).

As usual, you will also find all upcoming events and workshops being organised in Brussels and abroad as well as a recommended list of news articles.

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