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28. 7. 2017
Summer 2017 Newsletter. Over 200 experts and practitioners in the UK gathered together for a series of events on the topic of corporate governance that we hosted together with the Modern Corporation Project at Cass Business School. In this newsletter, you will find the summaries of the discussions that dealt with key topics such as executive pay, fiduciary duties, corporate reporting, risks and stakeholder relations. Additionally, we would like to invite you to a conference that will focus on the future of corporate reporting in the EU. The event is being organised by Frank Bold together with the SMART consortium led by the University of Oslo and Cass Business School. It will take place on September 19 in Brussels.

We also bring you the most recent commentaries prepared by Frank Bold on (a) the interim report of the EU High Level Expert Group on sustainable finance and (b) the guidelines of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive published by the European Commission. Lastly, don't miss the list of recommended articles and latest news from the project in the last section. We hope you have a nice summer! You can read the full version of the first edition in your browser here:

Invitation to the 'Non-Financial Reporting for a Sustainable Circular Economy' Conference
Towards Greater Policy Coherence?

The conference will look into the potential of the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive to improve corporate governance and foster the shift towards a sustainable global economy. Speakers include Pavan Sukhdev, CEO of GIST and former Head of UNEP's Green Economy Initiative and Richard Howitt, CEO of the IIRC. Register here

High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance 

In addition to the recommendations for directing investment toward sustainable outcomes, the much-awaited interim report of the Expert Group highlights the need to rethink the corporate governance principles for both financial actors and public corporations. 

Reflecting the outcomes of the Purpose of the Corporation Project, we prepared a briefing with the most important corporate governance-related recommendations in the interim report and published an article about the potential implications for investors and directors.

Summaries of the events on corporate governance hosted at Cass Business School

Over the last year there has been a renewed interest in modernising corporate governance in the UK. We, together with Cass Business School, hosted a series of events that gathered the leading voices in the country to discuss the future of business. You can read the summary of these discussions here:

Guidelines on non-financial reporting: Where has the Commission gone beyond and where it has fallen short? 

The guidelines on the Non-Financial Reporting Directive aim to assist companies in the preparation of their non-financial reports and in increasing consistency and comparability between different companies in the Member States. Frank Bold has prepared a short commentary identifying the best guidance provided by the European Commission and where they failed to provide clarity. 


Changes in the Purpose of the Corporation Project's team

Paige Morrow, Head of Brussels Operation for the last three years will be moving on from Frank Bold after concluding the initial consultation and research phase at the Purpose of the Corporation Project. Paige's work and expertise have been an invaluable asset for Frank Bold and have helped to position the Project as a relevant actor in the corporate governance debate in the EU and globally. Paige will continue teaching at a legal clinic at HEC-NYU and carrying on legal research in the areas of corporate governance and responsible business. She may be reached at The Project will continue being a hub for innovative ideas under the curation of Filip Gregor and Susanna Arus, Communications Officer of the Project.



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