Revisioning the corporation guide and the Non-Financial Reporting Directive

24. 1. 2017
First newsletter 2017. The new year started with everyone focused on the causes and consequences of the biggest political and economical shocks happened during 2016. All bets include big businesses as key players, for better or for worse. In the Purpose of the Corporation project, we continue working to support a shift in the corporate governance framework that would enable systemic change in business thinking.
"Just as any Revolution eats its children,
unchecked market fundamentalism
can devour the social capital essential
for the long term dynamism of capital itself"
Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England
- Corporate reporting creates powerful incentives for corporate boards to establish their targets and to decide how to achieve them. These new EU requirements have the potential to provide essential information to forward-looking investors. The objective is to lay the foundation for a new model of corporate reporting that complements financial transparency with other information necessary for understanding of a company‚Äôs development, performance and position, as well as impact of its activity on society.

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- The guide provides civil society organisations and responsible businesses with an introduction to corporate governance and its implications in terms of corporate impact. Today, we face complex challenges that cannot be addressed by governments or civil society alone because they are intrinsically connected with the economy. The publication gives an overview of potential corporate governance models and possible avenues for future policy reform.

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