Invitation to the Creating Sustainable Companies Summit: Purpose, Governance and the Long-Term

1. 7. 2016
Summer 2016 newsletter. As we reach the end of our global roundtable series on corporate governance, we are pleased to invite you to the "Creating Sustainable Companies Summit" where we will present the conclusions of this debate among experts from business, academia, and civil society.

Our society is currently facing major political, social, economical and environmental challenges that need the collaboration of all actors. In this setting, business play a vital role given their strength over positive (or negative) change. Join us for a discussion to promote a corporate governance framework that fosters inclusive and sustainable companies.

Also, don't miss the chance to take the short survey about the global roundtable series results. Your opinion will be reflected in the final report. As always, you will find a list of recommended articles in the last section of our newsletter. 

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